7th Anniversary Gifts

The traditional 7th wedding anniversary gift in the U.S. is wool or copper. Wool gift ideas include typical wool sweaters, hat/glove/scarf sets, and blankets, but can also be wool socks, fancy coats, shoes, slippers, and the like. Copper gifts include computers and electronics (copper is a key transistor component!), jewelry and cookware, or firepits, statuary, or wind chimes. Here are some other 7th anniversary suggestions:

Framed penny (from wedding year)
Cookware (copper bottomed)
Cashmere or Wool Scarf/Hat/Gloves
Computer Parts
New Suit
Copper Fireside Accessories
Picnic on a wool blanket

7th Anniversary Gifts For Her

Acorn Ragg Wool Slipper Socks
$39.95 at Red Envelope
Copper Heart Double Album
$72.00 at Uncommon Goods
Two Hearts Copper Photo Album
$55.00 at Uncommon Goods
Wool Roses
$79.95 at JustPaperRoses

7th Anniversary Gifts For Him

Merino Wool Socks
$8.12 at Amazon

7th Anniversary Gifts For Them

Copper Firepit
$159.99 at Amazon
Copper Rain Chain
$109.95 at Red Envelope