Vodka Gifts

When buying vodka gifts, you can go the easy route with a fine bottle of imported vodka or some fancy glassware like shot glasses or martini glasses. Anyone who loves vodka will think those are great vodka gifts!


Bar Master
$19.99 at Amazon
Crystal Cheers Shotglasses
$49.00 at Waterford
Cubist Martini Set
$69.95 at Red Envelope
Drink Tender
$49.95 at Amazon
Emoticon Shot Glasses
$26.00 at Uncommon Goods
Flip Top Cocktail Shaker
$29.95 at Amazon
Golftini Martini
$29.95 at Amazon
Recycled LP Coasters
$24.95 at Red Envelope
Spirits Appetizer Plates
$30.00 at Uncommon Goods
Travel Bar Set
$48.00 at Amazon